Clarissa Grace

This selection of photographs showcases my retouching and processing for the collection of couture wedding gown designer Clarissa Grace. My methodology for this series of images was to approach their creation as a painter might. In the preliminary test shoot I advised and helped to create a lighting environment to best suit my intensions for post production. The resulting setup was a balance of natural and studio lighting. I started by using the original captures as a base sketch, then layered depth, dimension and a general colour palette, before the final layers of highlights, colour and retouching were applied.

Before sitting at the computer to work, I began sketching out an intended workflow with pen and paper. After a few revisions I had developed an approach that answered the client’s brief to present a consistent catalogue of images that showcased the artistry of each gown. We had discussed that the colour palette, feel and tone of the photos was crucial so as to ensure that the printed catalogue and online campaign faithfully represented the collection.

The photograph above was one of only a couple of images that I selected to hand colour. It became the primary reference used throughout the campaign and was featured on the front of the printed catalogue as well as being the hero image for the Milk & Honey Photography website. Many of the industries leading publications ran feature articles and web galleries of what became a very successful collection.