In early 2007 Mmmedia began filming their documentary series exploring what lies beneath the cities in which we live. The images below are a small selection of photographs that I captured during the project, including portraits of key crew members and interviewees. I’ve also included an early promo video below, which is sadly the only video that remains from the shoot.

Whilst setting up to photograph Civil Engineer John Breen, we discussed some of the largely unknown tunnel and drain networks that lie beneath Sydney’s CBD. Busby’s Bore is a huge disused tunnel that runs from Centennial Park, along Oxford St to a giant reservoir under Hyde Park. Now decommissioned, it originally provided water to Sydney residents for close to 60 years. If you zoom into the map I’ve linked to you’ll see Busby’s Pond remains in the middle of Centennial Park as a legacy. John also mentioned St James Lake, a 10 metre wide, 5 metre deep, 1 kilometre long abandoned tunnel which was flooded to produce an underground lake. Older generations talked about visiting it years ago as their city swimming pool. In the 1930’s another disused portion connecting St James tunnel to Circular Quay was used as a mushroom farm, producing 4,500kg of mushrooms per month.